Welcome to the 2017-2018 Texas 4-H year!  We are excited to invite all our 4-H members, volunteers, and parents back for a new, and great, 4-H year.  In the next couple of weeks Texas 4-H will be releasing a new series of project resources.

Each year on August 15th all membership in Texas 4-H goes to inactive and all youth members and adult volunteers must re-enroll. Youth members are required to pay a $20.00 participation fee if enrolled by October 31st, and a $25.00 fee from November 1st to the completion of the 4-H year. Adults pay a $10.00 volunteer applicant fee. Adults and youth will need to enroll on 4HConnect and be active to be considered an official member of Texas 4-H. An active enrollment is required in order to register and participate in all 4-H activities and events .

To enroll your child or yourself please go to

http://texas.4honline.com If you do not remember your password, we can reset it. Please do not start a new profile.

Additionally, some new training’s have been uploaded into 4-H CONNECT for our volunteers.  Texas 4-H is committed to the safety and security of our youth as they participate throughout 4-H.  These new training’s are required for volunteers and parents signing up on 4-H CONNECT.

For the most recent updated information and to access the participation link to each session go to:  http://texas4-h.tamu.edu/volunteer/

All 4-H enrollment MUST be done on 4-H Connect.

  • 4-H Registration begins

  • State Fair of Texas Entries are due August 20th

  • Lamb & Goat tag orders for majors are due August 24th

  • East Texas State Fair Entries are due August 27th

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